1. Incorporation

Our FeesKKGKBranch
a. Shiodome Professional Fees100,00090,000100,000
b. Translation Fees for signature certificates &  affidivits25,000~25,000~25,000
     Consumption Taxes (a + b) x 8%10,000~9,200~10,000
Mandatory Registration & Expenses
Articles of Incorporation certification52,000  
Registration & Licence tax for all Stock Corporations150,00060,00090,000
3 Certified Copies of Register (600 JPY×3)1,8001,8001,800
2 Certified Copies of Registered Seal (450 JPY×2)900900900
Postage & Travel Fees (Actual Expense)5,0005,0005,000
Corporate Seal Set
Corporate Seal Set  (See below)29,80029,80029,800
Total Incorporation Fees Including Taxes374,500221,700262,500

‣ If more than 1 sign certificate is required it is 10,000 JPY per addtitional person.

‣ There is an additional 25,000 JPY to cover processing if the shareholder is a foreign company vs. an individual.

 2. Investor / Buisiness Manager Visa

Professional Fees (Including Taxes)270,000
Visa Application ( Including Translations, Document Preparation and submission)250,000
Consumption Tax @ 8%20,000

1. Monthly Accounting & Taxes

TriggerAccounting & Tax Advisory
Monthly Accounting & Tax Services
Annual Corporate Return & Closing(*)
 # EmployeesAnnual Revenue
(JPY - Millions)
Up to # Journal TransactionsConsultation Inclusive time
(per Month)
50~Over 500 MillionOver 6007HTBDTBDTBDTBD

*A 50,000 JPY discount can be offered to companies with a fiscal year end outside of the November~March period.

‣ Mandatory fixed asset returns and withholding tax reports are included in tax & accounting service fees
‣ Fees shown are for typical SME size companies with standard Japanese tax and reporting requirements. A custom quote can be provided for companies that have special requirements or requests, use custom software and/ or have larger volume size that shown


2. Optional Add-on Services

Monthly Disbursement Services

(Vendor,Employee & Tax Payments, Bank Reconciliation)

Up to (#) TransactionsOption A.1 cut off date per monthOption B.2 cut off dates per month+ English Authorization Report (if needed)
2025,00037,500Option + 5,000
10050,00075,000Option + 10,000
200100,000150,000Option + 12,500
300150,000225,000Option + 15,000
400200,000300,000Option + 20,000

Disbursement services

‣ Disbursement is outsourcing of payment procedures  to Employees , Vendors , Tax offices etc.

‣ English Authorization reports can be requested  to translate the pending invoices into a report if you do not have office personnel to do so. ( Please ask us for more details).

‣ A cut off date  (Date to enter pending payments to vendors, employees)  is selected by the client. Invoices and payment requests must be received before the cut off date and transactions will be entered with respective remittance dates  (at least 5 business days before the remittance date) Authorization is issued to the assigned company member  and move pending transactions to authorized status.  Authorized  Transactions are remitted on their chosen remittance date.  Any invoices received after the cut off date or emergency payments are available on an ad-hoc bases for a 10%  additional fee per transaction.

‣ Window transactions (for transactions that cannot be paid online )may be subject to extra charges or transportation reimbursement.

‣ Custom disbursement packages are available so please contact us with your needs.

Bilingual Option

(English Reports, Correspondence, Consultation Support)

Up to (#) TransactionsOption A.Bilingual Consultation & Translated Financial StatementsOption B.Journal Entries Translated in EnglishOption C.Both (A)+(B) Package Price

Bilingual Services

‣ Bilingual services are recommended for those that need  tax consultation and correspondence in English and require financial reporting  in English.

‣ Option A Include Tax Consultation support and correspondence in English.  Translated Financial statements include the Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

‣ Option B Include Journal Entries translated in English for easy reference (Recommended for Subsidiary Companies and Branches for consolidation purposes.




3. Common Ad Hoc Tax Services

Initial Tax Filings20,000
Consumption Tax Returns50,000
Convergence (Monthly or Annual)custom

About Ad-hoc Services

‣ Consumption tax return filing applicability and filing frequency can vary on the entity.

‣ Ad Hoc services such as Audit (in the case of a tax investigation) or convergence to IFRS / GAAP can be quoted upon consultation.

1. Initial Enrollment into Social Insurance and/ or Labor Insurance

TypeSet Up feeSocial Insurance EnrollmentLabor Insurance EnrollmentTotal
Newly Established Company - Director(s) onlyComplimentary20,000Not Applicable20,000
Newly Established Company - All companies with Employess(s)Complimentary20,00020,00040,000
Established Company - (Already enrolled)starting from 20,000Not ApplicableNot Applicablestarting from 20,000

‣ Labor Insurance is not applicable to companies with only directors.  When a regular salaried worker is hired, the company can enroll into Labor Insurance  at that time.

‣ Fees for Social and Labor insurance enrollment procedures will vary for companies with  over 9 directors and / or employees . Please request a  custom quotation in  such cases.

‣ For companies which are already enrolled, set up fees will vary depending on company size and customization of procedures.

2. Monthly Payroll Calculations & Social Insurance /Labor Insurance Procedures

Number of EmployeesMonthly Payroll and HR ProceduresAnnual Filing of Social Insurance Report Once a Year - JulyAnnual Filing of Labor Insurance Report Once a Year - JulyYear End Adjustment (Once a year - December

3.Common Ad-Hoc HR Procedures

Ad-Hoc ServicesFee
Translation of Employee Contracts (Jp to Eng, Eng to Jp)from 5,000
Workplace Regulations (simple version)from 100,000
Workplace Regulations (custom version)from 200,000

‣ Employee contracts translation fees vary on the length of the contract. 

‣ Work place regulations are required for companies over 10 employees.

‣ Please consult us with your needs for more details on workplace regulations.