The Top Ten Benefits of Outsourcing in Japan

In this blog, we will introduce the top ten benefits of outsourcing services for foreign nationals and companies establishing an incorporation in Japan. What is Outsourcing? To outsource is to delegate part of your business processes to another company. Outsourcing has become more popular over recent years, as the benefits it offers are more widely…


Labor Insurance in Japan

Today we will discuss about labor insurance in Japan. 1. Labor and Social Insurance in Japan When establishing a business in Japan, employers should note the necessity of enrolling your employees into the Japanese labor and social insurance system. Regardless of nationality or other circumstances, all employees who are eligible (eligibility is determined by criteria…


Advantages of tax system for SEMs in Japan

In Japan, companies are primarily determined according to the amount of invested capital funds as to whether they can be classified as SMEs (Small and medium-sized entities). A company established in Japan can benefit from a variety of tax-related procedures in the event it becomes a small and medium-size entity. Consequently, a company incorporated in…