Comparison between a Subsidary Company, a Branch Office, and a Representative Office ③ (Investor and Foreign Head Office Liabilities)

What are the responsibilities of investors and foreign head office to the creditors of its corporation in Japan (subsidiary company), its branch office in Japan (branch office), or its representative office? For a subsidiary company, liability is limited to the amount invested; however, as a general rule there is no limit on the liabilities of…


Merits of a Foreigner or Foreign Corporation Setting-up in Japan

What are the advantages of foreigners or foreign companies establishing bases when expanding their business to Japan? By expanding your business in Japan, you can enjoy the secure and reliable business environment that Japan offers. ★ Explanation ★ In addition to expanding your business to Japan, by establishing a Japanese corporation or a Japanese branch…


Possibility of a Foreigner or Foreign Corporation Setting-up a Japanese Corporation or Japanese Branch

Is it possible for a foreign person or company to expand their business into Japan and establish a Japanese company or branch? Yes, it is possible. Japan has opened its doors to foreign persons and companies to establish their Japanese companies or branches. ★ Explanation ★ Previously, for foreign individuals and enterprises who want to…