Re-Application in Case of Denial

From my resident status of “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services”, I applied for a change of status of residence to “Business Manager”. At that time, I explained my source of capital to the Immigration Bureau, but my application was denied. My capital was the money I had saved by working in Japan for about 5 years….


Cases for Disapproval

What are some instances where Business Manager visa applications are not ? Applications will be denied if it is determined that the criteria for resident status or landing permission for the Business Manager visa were not met, or if there is a problem with the current status of residence. ★ Explanation ★ Examination for the…


Business Plan for Business Manager Visa Application

I heard that making a business plan is important when applying for a Business Manager visa. What kind of business plan should I create? For the Immigration Bureau to understand the continuity and stability of the business, you have to create a rational and convincing business plan. ★ Explanation ★ In order for foreigners to…


Sample Cases of Accepted and Not Accepted Offices

Please tell me examples of instances where an office is considered “secured” and when it is not. The “Clarification of residency criteria for non-Japanese managers” released by the Immigration Bureau gives examples of such instances. ★ Explanation ★ The “Clarification of residency criteria for non-Japanese managers” was released by the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry…


Outline of the FY 2020 Tax Reform

Introduction On December 12, 2019, the Outline of the FY 2020 (Reiwa 2) Tax Reform was released. Included in the Outline are tax reforms that come from different perspectives. Reforms with the goal of realizing sustainable economic growth in mind include measures on open-innovation activities, measures to encourage investments and wage increases, revisions to the…