Q_iconI operate a massage shop in Taiwan and I am planning to expand in Japan soon. I’m thinking of putting the massage shop together with my house in the same place, but will there be a problem when I’m getting the Business Manager visa? Is there any problem if I plan to rent an apartment with two bedrooms and a small kitchen that is “for residential purposes” to be used for business operations?

A_dark_iconAs a general rule, you cannot get a Business Manager visa for a home-office. Especially with industries such as massage and restaurant where certain facilities are needed, you are required to prepare an appropriate store by the time of application.

★ Explanation ★

business-incorporationIn principle, under the conditions of the Business Manager visa for business offices, it cannot be in the same place as one’s residence. Decisions differ depending on the area, but for example, the Tokyo Immigration Bureau is particularly strict and will not likely accept home-offices. Given that the intended use of the space is “residential” and it is likely that this would not be accepted, it would be necessary to arrange for an appropriate massage store before you apply.