Legal Responsibility of Representatives in Japan

Please tell me the most basic method for foreign companies to do business transactions continuously in Japan. It is necessary to have a representative in Japan. ★ Explanation ★ Foreign companies cannot continuously perform transactions in Japan unless they duly appoint and register a representative in Japan (Articles 817 and 818 of the Companies Act)….


Time Needed For Incorporation or Set-up

How much time is needed for us to incorporate a corporation or set-up a branch in Japan? It would take around 1 to 2 months, from the time all information on the to-be incorporated company is confirmed to the completion of the registration process. However, the required period may vary greatly depending on the incorporator(s)…


Having only a Legal Seal for the Company

Is it fine if our company only has a representative seal (legal seal)? Registering a company only requires a representative seal (legal seal). However, having a square seal or a bank seal would reduce corporate risks. ★ Explanation ★ There are no provisions that require a company to have either a square seal or a…