Q_iconI established a company with my friend and applied for registration as an officer. The capital is 5 million yen, but can the both of us obtain Business Manager visas?

A_dark_iconIt would be difficult for both to obtain Business Manager visas for a newly established company. There are exceptions but generally only one Business Manager visa will be granted for a new corporation.

★ Explanation ★

Though it would be a different case if there were a rational reason for having multiple individuals assigned at management roles, in the case of a regular, newly-established corporation, only one application for the Business Manager visa is usually approved.

Kabushiki-gaisha-establishmentThough requirements will differ depending on whether you are engaged in administrative or management activities, there are times when, theoretically speaking, it would be impossible for one person to manage a certain number of employees; if it is necessary for the organization of the company; or may be needed in view of the amount and contents of work.

Even if you establish a company with a total of 10 million yen by investing 5 million each, it does not mean that both of you will get Business Manager visas. In such a case, the best way is for one person to apply for the Business Manager visa while the other applies for the “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services” visa, so that both of you will be under the same company. See also Q100.