Corporate Legal Affairs

Shiodome Partners Group provides qualified legal counsel for all aspects of corporate law, including contracts, disputes, and other legal matters. We offer legal support and representation for the following:

• Business Registration
• Changes to Business Registration documentation
• Corporate Legal Risk Management
• Corporate Legal Affairs
• Corporate Lawsuits
• Business Succession & Wills
• Preparation of Minutes
• Documentation Translations & Certification

Translation services for contracts and other legal documents

For non-Japanese clients who must deal with legal issues in Japan, an accurate translation of legal documents and proceedings are essential. We offer in-depth translation services in Japanese, English, and Chinese, which can be requested for contracts and other important legal records.

The general flow of our translation services consists of the following steps:

corporate-legal-documents1.Initial interview/consultation (Determine quality, due date, price, etc.)
2.Assigning an appropriate translator
3.Assigning an appropriate staff in-charge for proof reading
4.Remittance of agreed upon fees
5.Hard and soft copies of the translations are completed and delivered