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We can support setting up your business (Company Registration/Formation) in Japan from start to finish with professional support and at costs much lower than other major accounting firms.

 Tax & Accounting

We offer full-on support for accounting and tax practices in Japan after the company registration has been made.
Consultation services will be provided after reviewing the company’s current circumstances.

 HR & Payroll

Our certified social insurance labor consultants provide meticulous consultations, as well as all-around outsourcing for business management.

 Visa & Legal 

We provide Investor/Business Manager Visa services, as well as company registration procedures. At the same time, our lawyers will be able to solve general legal issues in Japan with our vast amount of resources.

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  • 20Apr
    About the Invoice System

    About the Invoice System

    by shiodome  Comments (0)
    Introduction With October soon approaching, it brings the start of the registration process for qualified issuer registration, as more and more companies may be preparing in earnest for the introduction of the Qualified Invoice Preservation...
    Accounting and Tax Treatment for Stock Options

    Accounting and Tax Treatment for Stock Options

    by shiodome  Comments (0)
    Introduction Stock options have gained attention in Japan recently as a means to motivate employees, as they are expected to generate capital gains linked to the company’s performance. In this article, we will take a...
  • 20Feb

    On the FY 2021 Tax Reform part. 2

    by shiodome  Comments (0)
    ~Expansion of housing loan deduction, comprehensive taxation for interest on corporate bonds issued by family-owned companies, and strengthening of taxation on short-term retirement allowances, etc.~ 1. Introduction Continuing from the previous article, this time we...

    On the FY 2021 Tax Reform part. 1

    by shiodome  Comments (0)
    ~DX Investment Promotion Tax Incentive, Carbon Neutral Investment Promotion Tax Incentive, and Special Measures for Deduction Limits on Net Operating Losses~ 1. Introduction The Tax Reform proposal for fiscal year 2021 was released on December...