Using Romanized Characters in Trade Names

Is it possible to establish a subsidiary company or branch office in Japan with a trade name in Romanized characters? Trade names in Romanized characters are possible. ★ Explanation ★ The use of Roman alphabet in the registered trade names for a subsidiary company or branch office in Japan is possible, as stipulated in Article…


Using the Same or Similar Trade Names

Are we allowed to use a company name (trade name) that is the same as or similar to another company name established in Japan? Using the business name and the same trade name registered under another business and, when the location of the office is the same as the location of another corporation is not…


Comparing a Subsidiary Company and a Branch Office in Terms of Obtaining Permits and Licenses

Between a Japan subsidiary company and a Japan branch office, which would make it easier to process/receive the various permits and licenses in conducting business within Japan? Generally, there are several cases where a Japan subsidiary company would find it easier. ★ Explanation ★ 1. Requirements in getting various permits and licenses For businesses that…


Comparison between a Subsidiary Company and a Branch Office in Terms of Loaning from Financial Institutions

In doing business in Japan we want to increase our creditworthiness and we want to be able to take out a loan easily from financial institutions. Taking this into consideration, between a subsidiary company and a branch office, which would be better? Generally speaking, a subsidiary company has more advantages in this aspect. ★ Explanation…