Can a Foreign National or Company Set-up Business in Japan

Can foreigners set-up a stock company, limited liability company (or similar company types) in Japan? Yes, they can. There is no nationality requirement when it comes to setting-up a stock company or limited liability company. ★ Explanation ★ Even foreigners can set-up a stock company or limited liability company in Japan. There are such cases…


Time Needed For Incorporation or Set-up

How much time is needed for us to incorporate a corporation or set-up a branch in Japan? It would take around 1 to 2 months, from the time all information on the to-be incorporated company is confirmed to the completion of the registration process. However, the required period may vary greatly depending on the incorporator(s)…


Having only a Legal Seal for the Company

Is it fine if our company only has a representative seal (legal seal)? Registering a company only requires a representative seal (legal seal). However, having a square seal or a bank seal would reduce corporate risks. ★ Explanation ★ There are no provisions that require a company to have either a square seal or a…


Important Points to Note When Submitting a Seal

What should we be careful of when creating our company’s legal seal? The Regulation on Commercial Registration has specific provisions on the allowed size and material that seals should follow by. Additionally, it is important to be careful of the deadlines for seal certificate during the submission of seal registration. ★ Explanation ★ 1. Provisions…


On Creating a Legal Seal when Expanding to Japan

Are we required to have our own a corporate seal/stamp when we register our Japan subsidiary company or branch office? A corporation can have a representative’s seal (legal seal), a square seal, and a bank seal. During registration, as a general rule, companies should have their own corporate seal. ★ Explanation ★ According to law,…