Name of Capital Transfer

When we remit the capital contribution from overseas into the bank account of our representative in Japan, the name of the person who remitted the amount is not reflected in the bank book. Will this be a problem? No, it will not be a problem. ★ Explanation ★ The Article 31, paragraph (1) of Companies…


When to Set-up Capital

When incorporating a stock company in Japan, when should we set-up the capital? Capital must be fully paid after the preparation of the articles of incorporate or from the date in which the incorporator determines the amount to be contributed during incorporation. ★ Explanation ★ The incorporator must pay the entire sum or deliver all…


Using a General Purpose Business Content

We have plans to further expand our scope of business. Can we simply indicate “any lawful business” in our list of company purpose(s)? We generally recommend specifying your company purpose(s). ★ Explanation ★ A company should state its purpose(s) in its articles of incorporation (Companies Act, Article 27) and listed its register. As the register…


Number of Business Purpose

What is the recommended number of established business purposes when incorporating a company in Japan? It varies according to the actual nature of business, but there are certain points to be careful of. ★ Explanation ★ A Stock Company must establish its company’s purposes in its articles of incorporation (Companies Act, Article 27). Having one…