Legal Responsibility of Representatives in Japan

Please tell me the most basic method for foreign companies to do business transactions continuously in Japan. It is necessary to have a representative in Japan. ★ Explanation ★ Foreign companies cannot continuously perform transactions in Japan unless they duly appoint and register a representative in Japan (Articles 817 and 818 of the Companies Act)….


Costs of Establishing a Japanese Corporation

How much does it cost to set up a Japanese corporation? It will take at least 200,000 yen for a stock company (kabushiki gaisha) and at least 60,000 yen for a joint company (goudou gaisha). ★ Explanation ★ The cost of establishment varies depending on whether you are setting up a stock company or a…


Restrictions on Transfer of Shares

During incorporation, we were asked to “decide on restrictions on transfer of shares”. What does “restriction on transfer of shares” refer to? Would it be better to place a restriction on transfer of our company’s shares? It is possible to set whether the approval of the company is necessary when shares are being transferred. It…


Method of Public Notice of a Company

During incorporation, we were asked to “decide on a method of public notice”. What does this mean and what should we do? A public notice is a means where a company gives notice to stakeholders such as shareholders, creditors, etc. and other third parties. For most companies, this is through the Kanpo. ★ Explanation ★…


Documents Necessary for a Foreign National to become an Incorporator or Director for a Japanese Company

What documents should we submit if a foreign national would be an incorporator or director of a Japanese company? The documents needed vary depending on whether the individual has a residence in Japan or not. ★ Explanation ★ When incorporating a business in Japan, an incorporator must submit the following documents: Certificate of seal impression…