Notes on Borrowing Capital from Parents

I am a Chinese who is staying in Japan with a “Study Abroad” visa to go to a Japanese university. After graduating, I plan to establish a foreign trading company and manage it, and I will receive capital from my parents in China. As this support from my parents is not my personal fund, I…


Bringing Capital Into Japan

I am a Chinese national but I have permanent resident status in Japan. I am considering bringing my father in China to Japan through a Business Manager visa. We are planning on putting up and running a company together, but my father plans on bringing the capital, etc. in cash to Japan. How should we…


Capital Amount

I heard it is possible to incorporate a company with a capital of 1 Japanese yen. If such is the case, would it still be possible to be issued a Business Manager visa? Having a company incorporated with 1 Japanese yen in capital is not enough to be issued a Business Manager visa. One of…


The Individual Number Card: Now, and Beyond

Introduction The Individual Number System, which was introduced in October 2015, began later issuing the Individual Number Cards starting January the following year. In the span of four years since then, however, no more than 15% of Japan’s population has been issued their Individual Number Cards (as of November 2019 according to the Ministry of…


The 4-month Business Manager Visa

I heard that a 4-month period of stay for the business manager visa has been added. What does this mean? This visa was created so that it would be easier for foreign nationals outside Japan to complete the incorporation procedures for their company in Japan. ★ Explanation ★ The old “investor/business manager” visa that was…


Application Documents for Business Manager Visa

What documents do I need to prepare and submit when applying for a Business Manager visa? The documents required for a Business Manager visa are many and submission documents are defined in detail. ★ Explanation ★ There are several documents required to apply for a Business Manager visa. Specifically, these documents to be submitted are…


Reasons for Business Manager Visa Application

In what kind of cases should we apply for a “Business Manager” visa? Foreign nationals apply for the “Business Manager” visa in the following cases: (1) A foreign national will be establishing a subsidiary or a branch office in Japan and will become a representative or manager of that company/branch (2) A foreign national is…


Flow of Business Manager Visa Application

Please tell me the process of applying for a Business Manager visa. In general, the flow of application for a Business Manager visa is as follows: (1) Securing an office to become the company’s head office location (2) Company establishment procedure and notification process to the tax office and others after establishment (3) Securing of…