This page introduces the Immigration Services Agency of Japan’s electronic notification system and online application procedures for residency application.

  1. Procedures Related to Status of Residence
  2. application

    There are two types of procedures: “application” and “notification”. The three main types of applications are:

    (1) “application for a residence status” to obtain a new status of residence through a certificate of eligibility

    (2) “application for change of status of residence” to change the scope of activities, and;

    (3) “application for extension of stay” to extend the period of stay. On the other hand, there is a “notification” to be submitted when there are changes in certain circumstances such as graduation, withdrawal from an educational institution, retirement, or job change.

    In most cases, applications are processed at the immigration office, while notifications can be submitted by mail or online.

  3. About the Electronic Notification System
  4. Procedures related to status of residence were not possible to do online before the introduction of this system. Thanks to the Electronic Notification System, it is now possible to make a “notification” online without having to go to the Immagration Bureau.

  5. Online residency application procedures
  6. Starting July 2019, only a few applications were able to be submitted online, and from March 2020, this area has been expanded. Before the online system was introduced, it was necessary to go to the immigration office to apply for a visa. It was quite common to spend three or more hours waiting at the immigration office.

    Due to the limited number of online applicants, the long waiting time has not been solved even after the introduction of the online application system.

    We highly suggest that you apply online as it seems like the easiest decision.