Q_iconWhat documents do I need to prepare and submit when applying for a Business Manager visa?

A_dark_iconThe documents required for a Business Manager visa are many and submission documents are defined in detail.

★ Explanation ★

There are several documents required to apply for a Business Manager visa. Specifically, these documents to be submitted are determined according to the scope of the applicant company, etc., but you must at least have the following:

(1) When the applicant for Business Manager visa wants to start managing a business in Japan


  • ① Certificate of Eligibility 1pc
  • ② Photo ID (L 4cm x W 3cm) 1pc
  • ※No cap, plain background, clear photo taken from the front within 3 months before application
  • ③ Original and copy of passport and residence card (including alien registration certificate regarded as residence “list-style: none;”card)
  • ④ Evidence of personal history and curriculum vitae
  • ⑤ Certified copy of Register (When the registration of the corporation has not been completed, the articles of incorpo”list-style: none;”ration and other copies of documents for starting a business)
  • ⑥ Copy of latest financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, etc.)
  • ⑦ Copy of business plan
  • ⑧ Company information, such as products and service brochures, etc. (history, staff, organization, business descriptio”list-style: none;”n, etc.)
  • ⑨ Copy of rental contract for office space
  • ⑩ List of full-time employees other than the applicant
  • ⑪ Copy of employee’s employment contract or job offer notification
  • ⑫ Copy of employee’s resident card or alien registration certificate
  • ⑬ Copy of employee’s latest employment insurance payment notice
  • ⑭ Photos of inside and outside the office
  • ⑮ List of stockholders and investors
  • ⑯ Documents proving the amount of investment in Japan (at least 5 million yen)
  • ⑰ Invitation letter
  • ⑱ Self-addressed stamped envelope (Write the address on a standard size mailing envelope and attach a stamp (for simple registered mail))
  • ※Depending on the business contents, you may be required to submit more detailed documents.

(2) When the applicant for a Business Manager visa is employed as a manager in Japan

In addition to the documents listed above in (1), applicants for the Business Manager visa must have documents to prove that they have at least 3 years of experience in business administration or management (inclusive of the period of majoring in subjects related to business management in graduate school)

(3) Other points to note regarding submitted documents

The above mentioned documents are just the minimum requirements for the application of a Business Manager visa, so it may still not be possible to obtain said visa even if these documents are submitted. Necessary documents differ depending on the resident status of the applicant for the Business Manager visa. Also, it should be noted that the applicant has to prove matters needed to obtain a permit for the visa.

Regarding documents to prepare for the application of a Business Manager visa, all certificates issued in Japan are to be submitted within 3 months from the date of issue. If the submitted materials are in a foreign language, be sure to attach the translations (Japanese). Moreover, the documents submitted for the Business Manager visa will generally not be returned, so you have to be careful about your application if you wish to recover your original documents which are difficult to obtain again.