Q_iconI would like to open a Chinese restaurant and apply for a Business Manager visa. Would visas still be issued if the store is small?

A_dark_iconIt depends on how small the scale is, but it is likely to be granted if the conditions for the Business Manager visa are met. In this case, the capital requirements of the company and hiring of employees will be the key points.

★ Explanation ★

restaurant-in-japanWhen applying for the Business Manager visa, the Immigration Bureau will determine if the scale of the business meets any the following items:

  • (1) Employment of 2 or more full-time employees
  • (2) Investment of at least 5 million yen
  • (3) Those deemed to be of the same scale according to the abovementioned

If the capital of the company that operates the restaurant is 5 million yen or more, a Business Manager visa is likely to be granted. However, this visa only permits administrative and managerial activities, and not for the manager to personally do the cooking. It is considered necessary to hire a cook and a waiting staff, and to clearly define what is the role of the applicant in the business.