Q_iconI plan to establish a company by leasing a rental office as a business space. Will I be able to acquire a Business Manager visa? Also, I’m thinking of making my home address my head office.

A_dark_iconYou can use a rental office and obtain a Business Manager visa. However, other conditions must be satisfied as to whether it is adequate to be used as an office space. Moreover, as a general rule, attempts to make one’s home the head office (business office) are not recognized.

★ Explanation ★

rental-officeIt is possible to use a rental office as one’s business office and obtain a Business Manager visa. However, the rental office needs to meet conditions to see if it is appropriate as an office space. These conditions, for example, are “having a standard size or larger”, “having a clear separation”, “the presence of facilities/equipment”, etc.

Accordingly, it is necessary to have a space that is at least of standard size depending on the business, and it has to be clearly separated from other rooms by walls and doors. In addition, the facilities for carrying out the business like the mail box, computer, telephone, copier, printer, etc. are in place, and that signage indicating the presence of the business is put up.

Notwithstanding any previous decisions of the Immigration Bureau for particular cases, it is best to assume that using your home as a business office is not permitted in any type of business industry.