Q_iconI established a corporation and I am operating a general store. I am subleasing the store from an acquaintance, with the consent of the owner. These contents are described in our rental agreement. Will this have any impact on my Business Manager visa application?

A_dark_iconGenerally speaking, there should be no problems with acquiring a visa if there are no problems with the property’s lease agreement.

★ Explanation ★

japan-business-placeRegarding the rental contract of a property, it is preferable directly lease the space or property from the owner. However there may be various circumstances that make direct contracts not possible, resulting in subleasing or cohabitation agreements. In this case, with the approval of the owner, the Immigration Bureau will determine if the facilities to be used as business offices for actual operations are maintained in Japan.

If one cannot obtain the approval of the owner, the authenticity of the lease agreement may be questioned, so one should take special care regarding this.