Q_iconI am considering on starting a business and renting a virtual office (with rent costing me 10,000 Japanese yen monthly as stipulated in the lease contract). Would it still be possible for me to be issued a Business Manager visa?

A_dark_iconA virtual office is not accepted as a business office when applying for the Business Manager visa.

★ Explanation ★

Virtual offices (among others) are not considered a business office when applying for the Business Manager residence status in Japan.

The General Rules of the Japan Standard Industrial Classification has defined “Establishment” in Section 2 of the same document as follows:

・Economic activities are conducted under a single business principal, occupying a certain place or plot of land.

・Production or supply of goods and services is conducted continuously with personnel and facilities provided for this purpose.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

virtual-officeEven if there is a lease contract available, there is still a need to confirm whether the purpose of the leased property is for the business (such as a store or an office). Additionally, if there is a difference between the purpose indicated in the lease agreement and the purpose of the business, the application may be denied.

As for the lease period, a length of 1 year or more is often sought for, rather than a short-term lease period that only guarantees the space for a number of months.