The 3 Company Seals required for doing business in Japan

The use of seals can seem like an unusual custom for many foreign investors. The purpose of a seal is quite simple; instead of the commonly used signature in most Western countries, the seal is required for the validation of all major business, banking, or legal transactions. Most companies in Japan use 3 different types…


FAQs for starting a business in Japan

If you are thinking about opening your own company in Japan, you may find the following information very helpful: 1.Company incorporation by foreign nationals Q : Can foreigners set up a corporation in Japan? A : Absolutely. Foreign nationals can start their own company in Japan as long as they have a director or shareholder…


Set up your business in Japan with peace of mind

Understanding the benefits of professional Incorporation Services Starting a business in Japan can be an exciting (and potentially profitable) endeavor. However, it can also be exhausting and confusing, especially with the recent changes in Japanese regulations. Here at Shiodome Partners Group, we understand the special needs and circumstances that international investors face. As one of…


Nominee Director Services for international businesses in Japan

Understanding the value of an experienced Nominee Director Nominee directors are local resident representatives (who are either Japanese nationals or legal residents of Japan) that enable international companies to operate and do business in Japan. Though Japanese law no longer requires nominee directors for the formation and operation of international corporations, the advantage of native…


How to set up a Stock Company in Japan (Kabushiki Kaisha)

What is a Kabushiki Kaisha (KK)? The Kabushiki Kaisha (KK) is the most common type of company in Japan, first established as a legal entity in 1873. Referred to as a stock company in English, KKs can sell shares of stock (partial ownership of the business) to raise capital. Its investors (also called shareholders) are entitled…


Is it Possible for a Foreigner to Rent Property in Japan?

Unfortunately, certain conditions make renting an apartment somewhat difficult for those who are not Japanese citizens. We will now explain the key issues and what foreigners can do to handle them. Concerns about Foreigners Renting Property The main difficulty faced by foreigners seeking a rental in Japan is the limited number of properties available. A…


Director’s remuneration in Japan

What is Director’s Remuneration? Director’s remuneration is the salary or wage received by a company director, and is recorded in the company’s articles of incorporation. There are different way of calculating the director’s remuneration, and these are determined by the company’s legislative structure. In some companies, the director will be responsible for determining their remuneration…


A Guide for Foreigners on How to Open a Restaurant in Japan

In this article, we provide a guide to help foreigners who want to open a restaurant in Japan. 1.Are Foreign Restaurants Popular in Japan? Foreign food is already widely available in Japan, with restaurants serving Chinese, Indian, French and Italian cuisine amongst others. Japanese people enjoy these foreign restaurants very much, especially when the business…