Q_iconI am a Chinese national but I have permanent resident status in Japan. I am considering bringing my father in China to Japan through a Business Manager visa. We are planning on putting up and running a company together, but my father plans on bringing the capital, etc. in cash to Japan. How should we go about this?

A_dark_iconWhile it is possible to bring the money for capital in cash, there are certain processes that will need to be accomplished.

★ Explanation ★

remit-capital-from-overseasWhile it is possible to bring the capital to be used in the company incorporation in cash to Japan, there are limitations to the amount of Chinese Yuan that can be brought into Japan. Therefore we advise that the money instead be sent through wire transfer.

Note however that there is a 50,000 US Dollar limit per year on Chinese citizens sending money overseas. If the limit above has already been met or the remaining amount that can be remitted, when converted into Japanese yen, is less than 5 million, then it would not be possible to wire transfer the capital.

It is possible to have other relatives in China remit the amounts for you and your father, if the person indicated in the Articles of Incorporation as the Incorporator(s) and the person who remitted the capital from China are different, this will be seen as an instance of falsification of records, it is necessary to perform the capital contributions in an appropriate manner.

In such cases, if any doubt arise during the examination of the visa (residence status) application, denial of the application is possible. It is better to obtain advise on how the capital contribution can be done in the correct manner.