Q_iconI have been residing in Japan for a long time, but my citizenship is not Japanese. Will I be able to incorporate my business in Japan?

A_dark_iconYes. In incorporating a business in Japan, Japanese citizenship is not a requirement.

★ Explanation ★

Kabushiki-gaisha-establishmentIn order to set up a kabushiki gaisha, it is necessary to have the articles of incorporation notarized at a notary office and to undergo an examination by at the Legal Affairs Bureau.

During this process of notarization and examination, both the notary office and the Legal Affairs Bureau would not need to question your citizenship, as long as the necessary documents have been provided to them.

Also, since you have been living in Japan for a long time and have registered your residence in Japan, this would mean you also have accomplished your certificate of seal registration; if you do not have an address in Japan, then you would need to furnish a signature certificate instead.