Q_iconWhat are some instances where Business Manager visa applications are not ?

A_dark_iconApplications will be denied if it is determined that the criteria for resident status or landing permission for the Business Manager visa were not met, or if there is a problem with the current status of residence.

★ Explanation ★

visa-passport-applicationExamination for the resident status will be judged according to whether the foreigner’s activities qualifies for Business Manager resident visa, complies with the landing permission standards specified by the ordinance of the Ministry of Justice, and if there are problems with the current residence, etc.

Even if you set up a company and become a Representative Director, this visa may not be issued if you fail to meet the other criteria.

In particular, the following will be reviewed independently of each other:

・If the office space was not secured because it is a home/office, a shared office, or that it was not clearly separated;

・If there is doubt in the capital formation process;

・If there are multiple officers in the company and the necessity of each role is not recognized;

Also, applications may be denied if it has been determined that your records as a resident are poor.

These particular cases may determine poor resident status and there will be a high possibility that the visa will be denied:

  • ・If you have a resident status of “College Student” but your school attendance rate is extremely low;
  • ・If you have a resident status of “College Student” and have gained a work permit but have exceeded over 28 hours of part-time work per week;
  • ・If you have been convicted of a crime;
  • ・If the resident status was determined to be obtained by unfavorable means