Is it Possible for a Foreigner to Rent Property in Japan?

Unfortunately, certain conditions make renting an apartment somewhat difficult for those who are not Japanese citizens. We will now explain the key issues and what foreigners can do to handle them. Concerns about Foreigners Renting Property The main difficulty faced by foreigners seeking a rental in Japan is the limited number of properties available. A…


A Guide for Foreigners on How to Open a Restaurant in Japan

In this article, we provide a guide to help foreigners who want to open a restaurant in Japan. 1.Are Foreign Restaurants Popular in Japan? Foreign food is already widely available in Japan, with restaurants serving Chinese, Indian, French and Italian cuisine amongst others. Japanese people enjoy these foreign restaurants very much, especially when the business…


Director’s remuneration in Japan

What is Director’s Remuneration? Director’s remuneration is the salary or wage received by a company director, and is recorded in the company’s articles of incorporation. There are different way of calculating the director’s remuneration, and these are determined by the company’s legislative structure. In some companies, the director will be responsible for determining their remuneration…


The Top Ten Benefits of Outsourcing in Japan

In this blog, we will introduce the top ten benefits of outsourcing services for foreign nationals and companies establishing an incorporation in Japan. What is Outsourcing? To outsource is to delegate part of your business processes to another company. Outsourcing has become more popular over recent years, as the benefits it offers are more widely…