Chinese companies and individuals operating businesses in Japan face not only cultural and language barriers, but also a variety of other management issues. We are proud of our track record when it comes to providing topclass consulting services for companies entering the Japanese market. Among these, our China Desk has excelled in recent years by engaging with Chinese companies/ individuals and supporting their business development in Japan.

Who we are

We provide onestop consulting services for business expansion into Japan ranging from speculation on company form, assisting with the procedures for establishing a corporation or branch office, preparation and submission of documents to government agencies, acquisition of residence status (visa) for representatives and employees, accounting and taxation, personnel and labor affairs, and local employment. In providing the best service for our clients, our organization practices collaboration across all professional specialties and utilizes the best solutions that human and artificial intelligence has to offer.


Incorporation Services

We will assist you with the procedures for establishing a company, from preliminary examination prior to company establishment, to preparing and submitting documents at government offices. We also provide support services such as preparing minutes during shareholders' meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors (a requirement by the Japan’s Companies Act), as well as processing any necessary registration or licensing procedures on behalf of our clients for their business.

  • Incorporation services

  • Establishment support

  • Minutes and other Companies Act-related document drafting

  • Commercial, real estate registration
  • License processing

Bank Account Opening Services

We can help you in applying for a bank account under your company name which is essential for facilitating payment of salary, taxes and other business expenses, overseas remittance, loans at financial institutions and other necessary business operations.

Trademark and Patent Applications

We have experts in the field of intellectual property who can provide support in various matters related to this field, including representation for patent and trademark applications, correspondence with Japan Patent Office, and consultation on copyrights.

Local Recruitment Service

Our bilingual staff will support you in recruiting personnel in Japan. We specialize in introducing bilingual personnel for administrative departments.

Accounting and Tax Services

We provide accounting advisory services and BPO services for listed companies, affiliated companies, IPO preparation companies, and foreign companies depending on their needs.

  • Support for preparing monthly, quarterly, and consolidated financial statements

  • Bookkeeping services

  • Payment processing services (transfers and over the counter)

  • Invoice processing services (drafting and sending)

  • Preparation of tax returns

  • Tax audit correspondence

  • Inheritance tax countermeasures service

  • International tax services

  • Tax consolidation services

Personnel and Labor Services

With our licensed social insurance consultants and labor specialists, we provide a wide range of services for client’s labor-related concerns. We will thoroughly pursue advisory services from a mid- and long-term perspective that strengthens the management foundation for “people” as management resources, as well as seek to improve corporate value.

  • Payroll calculation

  • Management of employee regulations

  • Human resources and wage system consulting

  • Social insurance management

  • Labor due diligence services

  • International labor services

Consulting Services

Shiodome Partners’ professionals gather a wealth of knowledge, know-how, and alliances to analyze issues, propose concrete solutions and support the implementation and follow-up to help companies address their management concerns.

  • IPO consulting

  • Cost accounting consulting

  • Internal control consulting

  • Internal audit consulting

  • Consulting regarding preparation of disclosure documents

  • Stock price calculation/ business value calculation

  • Due Diligence

  • M&A, business succession support services

  • IT consulting

  • Fund procurement support services

  • Life insurance agency services

  • Real estate related services

Visa Applications

We will promptly respond to your daily questions regarding Japan’s residence management system, such as what the required residence status is for newly hired employees and whether short-term business travelers from overseas should obtain a certain status of residency. We will assist in managing the period of stay for foreign employees and guide them through renewal procedures such as on-time submission of applications, and notification for extending the period of stay to ensure that the company's residence management is appropriate and legal.

  • Residence status (visa) application

  • Advisory service for employment of foreign nationals

  • Advisory services for management of resident status

Meet the Consultants


Haruka Kimura

Haruka Kimura joined Shiodome Partners Group in 2019 after working for an advertising firm. Her prior experience as a successful salesperson in the advertising industry has transferred well within the firm, allowing her to immediately contribute towards Shiodome’s inbound clients. During her first year, her roles were to assist with incorporating businesses and visa (status) related services for clients from the Greater China. Due to the increase in demand for Chinese clientele, the firm has expanded the legal department with the addition of a China desk and Haruka has led the way in promoting through marketing and sales activities thanks to her prior experience in advertising. She has been active in forming the China desk in 2020 and has been appointed as the Head of China desk as of 2021, where her focus will be to provide one-stop support for Chinese clients looking to expand into Japan, and vice versa.


Seii Kyo

Fresh out of college, Seii Kyo joined the audit department of KPMG LLP in Columbus, Ohio where she engaged in statutory audits centered towards the Japanese companies in the US automotive industry. In 2016, she was transferred to the Advisory Department of KPMG AZSA LLC in Tokyo, Japan, where she was involved with USGAAP/IFRS implementation projects, and internal control service for Chinese subsidiaries of Japanese companies. She joined Shiodome Partners Group in 2020 while immediately establishing a great presence towards inbound clients from China and assisting in forming the China desk. In 2021, her success has led to her establish and become the head of CEO office, where she engages in promoting special activities specifically instructed by the CEO himself. Graduate of Purdue University Management and Accounting as a double major.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about our China Desk, you can contact us via email at, add Wechat(QR Code below), submit a Contact Request Form, or call our Tokyo office at 81-3-6228-5505 during regular business hours.