Q_iconOur company representative wants to get a “Business Manager” visa. Would it be easier to get this visa if he were the representative of a Japan subsidiary, or would it be easier for a representative of a Japan branch office?

A_dark_iconGenerally, neither of the two provides an “easier” way in obtaining a Business Manager visa.

★ Explanation ★

visa-applicationJapan’s immigration office is the body that decides whether or not to issue a Business Manager visa to applicants. In such an application, they look comprehensively at an applicant’s academic and employment history and takes into consideration information such as the future potential of the Japan subsidiary company or branch office the applicant would be assigned to. As such, neither of the two types of business forms mentioned provides an “easier” way in obtaining the Business Manager visa. As for the acquisition of a residence status in Japan, rather than focusing on “which would be easier to obtain”, it would be better to consider “which one would best suit the company’s business activities in Japan and its business development scheme”.

It is important to also note that since the Immigration Bureau of Japan does not fully disclose all of their judging criteria when it comes to issuing visas, it is common to see the spread of incorrect or unconfirmed information. Regardless of whether the business is set-up as a subsidiary company or a branch office, applicants can be issued their visas.