Q_iconWhat are the costs when setting-up a Japan branch office?

A_dark_iconThe registration and license tax levied during the registration cost either 60,000 JPY or 90,000 JPY.

★ Explanation ★

tax-benefitsThe costs of establishing a branch office in Japan varies depending on whether the foreign company will set-up a business office or not.

If only a representative in Japan will be assigned and no business office(s) will be set-up, the registration and license tax to be paid to the relevant legal affairs bureau will be 60,000 Japanese yen.

If a representative will be assigned and one business office will be established, the registration and license tax due will be 90,000 Japanese yen.

Additionally, the issuance of a certified copy of register will cost 600 JPY per document (when requested over-the-counter at the Legal Affairs Bureau). A copy of a certificate of seal impression will cost another 450 JPY per document.

Furthermore, there are also the actual costs of the affidavit to be accomplished by the foreign company, the costs of creating the seal to be registered by the representative at the legal affairs bureau in Japan, as well as any professional fees to be paid to judicial scriveners and other specialists who were contracted for the purpose of setting-up the branch office.