Q_iconI heard that Japan and Taiwan do not have formal diplomatic relations with each other. Will it be possible to use a seal certificate from Taiwan when incorporating a company or establishing a branch office in Japan? Will there be other documents needed?

A_dark_iconYes, such documents can be used. However, there may be cases of other documents being asked for.

★ Explanation ★

taiwan-countryLike Japan, Taiwan also has a culture of affixing seals, as well as a document of the same nature as Japan’s certificate of registered seal. That document can also be used in registering their company in Japan. Should a Taiwanese national become a director or representative director of a stock company, they will need to include their certificate of registered seal. Whether or not the three-month validity period for the certificate applies should be confirmed with the office where the documents are to be submitted to. Also, since the certificate is written in the language where it was created, there may be a need for it to be translated into Japanese, depending on the registry office.

While Taiwan’s seal certificate contains more information than Japan’s certificate, depending on the notary office or legal department in one’s jurisdiction, additional documents (such as a copy of one’s passport) may be asked for as well. It is important to confirm in advance whether the seal certificate obtained can be used as part of the requirements for registration.

Judging by the historical background of Japan-Taiwan relations, Japan has refrained from outwardly recognizing Taiwan as a nation. Regardless of this, it is still possible for Taiwanese nationals and companies to establish in or expand into Japan, provided that there are no problems when it comes to proving a source of capital for a Japanese bank account.