Q_iconI am currently managing an application development company in India, and I am thinking of establishing a stock company in Japan. I am of Spanish nationality but I am currently residing in the United States; I manage the company in India remotely. What documents do I need to prepare in this case?

A_dark_iconA signature certificate and a bank account.

★ Explanation ★

signature-certificate-and-bank-accountWhen incorporating a stock company in Japan, the Incorporator or Director at Incorporation (or in the case of a stock company intending to establish a board of directors, the Representative Director), needs to furnish a certificate of seal impression prepared by the mayor of a municipality or ward.

For Spanish nationals residing in the United States, it would not be possible to obtain a certificate of seal impression from the mayor of a municipality or ward in Japan. In such cases, a signature certificate prepared by the relevant authorities in the person’s home country will be the document submitted to the notary or legal affairs bureau in Japan.

In the case of the Spanish national in the inquiry itself, the ‘relevant authorities’ may refer to a notary office in Spain, the Spanish embassy, or Spanish consulate. Considering the fact the person is residing in the United States, the documents he/she needs will need to be issued by the Spanish embassy or consulate in the United States.

If you are a US citizen with Spanish nationality and want to set up a corporation in Japan, please be aware of the bank account to be used for capital contribution, as described in Q51.