Q_iconFrom my resident status of “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services”, I applied for a change of status of residence to “Business Manager”. At that time, I explained my source of capital to the Immigration Bureau, but my application was denied. My capital was the money I had saved by working in Japan for about 5 years. I didn’t keep that money in the bank ― rather, I kept it at home. I would like to apply again but what should I do to be approved?

A_dark_iconYou need to explain in detail and prove how the capital was formed.

★ Explanation ★

capital-transferWhen reapplying for a Business Manager visa, it is necessary to explain the reason why your on your previous application was not approved. You would also need to prove that that reason has been addressed. In this case, you must prepare a “detailed explanation of the formation of capital” and a “document to explain the source of investment of 5 million yen”.

Following the amendment of the Immigration Control Act, there chances of getting asked about the formation of capital in detail has been reduced, but there may be cases in which they have to ask about it when the information provided in the application still remains doubtful. If the company is making capital in a way that is inconsistent with the Articles of Incorporation or is improperly formed, the application will likely be denied.