Immigration Services in Japan


When hiring a foreign national as an employee in Japan, the biggest hurdle will be trying to obtain what is called “status of residence. A “visa” and “status of residence” are two different words and have different meaning. The “status of residence” is a qualification for foreign nationals to stay in Japan and perform the activities based on the skills and experiences they have. Some companies have their employees apply for the status of residence on their own, but the laws regarding status of residence are very complicated even for a Japanese national. To reduce risks and ensure compliances are met, many often turn to experts for help.

What procedures do I need to follow when hiring a foreign national in Japan?


The procedures for hiring a foreign national vary greatly depending on where the applicant is currently residing and what nationality they possess. The main procedures are done in Japan, starting with meeting with a local expert who is familiar with the “Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act” and other laws and regulations related to immigration.

Shiodome Partners offers fast and flexible support for inbound assignees from multinational companies applying for a residency status. Including but not limited to companies from Europe and the United States.

We also provide bilingual services for various applications such as the following:

  • Applications for multiple and regular expats (expats in Japan)
  • Applications for employment of foreign students residing in Japan
  • Application for change of status to high level professional
  • Applications for family members of employees.

We also have a labor and social security attorney in our group who is a specialist in social insurance and human resources. This allows us the ability to give our clients a one-stop solution for all labor related queries.