Visa Application Services in Japan

The Business Manager Visa is a visa for individuals who intend to invest in or operate a business in Japan. For your convenience, you can trust our immigration specialists to handle your visa application while you focus on running and growing your business in Japan.

What is the Business Manager Visa (formerly the Investor Visa)?

The Business Manager Visa enables foreign investors to manage a business or conduct trade in Japan, while establishing your legal residency status. While you can still own and manage your company in Japan from abroad, if you intend on living in Japan and managing the business here as a local director, this is the recommended visa for you. If you are already in Japan on other restricted activity visas (such as student, humanities, engineering etc.), you can change your visa to the business manager visa if running your own company will be your main activity. If you are the spouse or child of a Japanese national or permanent legal resident, you normally would not need to apply for this visa because you can apply for a family visa which allows for unrestricted activities.

It is important to understand that registering a business and applying for this visa are considered separate legal matters under Japanese law. You do not need legal residency to register and establish your business, but you do need to have a registered business in order to apply for the Business Manager visa. It should also be noted that successful business registration does not guarantee visa approval—since it is only considered as a prerequisite, all applicants must fulfill other requirements before legal residency status can be secured.

Requirements for your visa application

All Business Manager visa applicants must fulfill the following minimum requirements to secure the best chance for approval:

visa-applicationAn existing business in Japan— The incorporation and registration of your business must be completed so you can include the trade name on your application.

A physical office address— Immigration standards can be very strict in terms of what is considered an acceptable office. Though some home offices may be considered sufficient, it is always a good idea to consult with an immigration expert before finalizing the location of your head office.

Base capacity requirement— Your business must either have 5 million yen in starting capital, or employ 2 full-time workers residing in Japan

Academic qualifications— You should have minimum 3 years of experience in business management and administration (this can also include time spent studying these subjects at a graduate school). Additional documentation may be required based on your previous experience, job title, and salary. If you have other professional work history in another field, it is possible to apply for this visa without business background requirements.

Increasing your chances for visa approval

When you apply for the Business Manager visa, it is crucial that your business is ready to open or is already open and active. This creates convincing evidence of your ability to run a business, which should help tip the approval scale in your favor. The Immigration Bureau will conduct a screening and will consider your business plan, career history, the scale of your business in Japan and in other countries (if applicable), and source of capital.

Our visa specialists have successfully assisted many international investors with their visa application, due to our substantial experience and attention to detail. It is our policy to provide a free pre-screening/initial consultation for prospective applicants, in order to increase your chances for a smooth and successful visa application.