Q_iconI currently have a few short-term stay visas for business. I have no problem with entering and leaving Japan, but do I still need a Business Manager visa?

A_dark_iconIf you are involved in management activities in Japan, you need a Business Manager visa.

★ Explanation ★

japan-corporationActivities that can be performed under the short-term stay resident status include participation in meetings, business contacts, business negotiations, contracts, and other so-called short-term commercial activities. When you conduct business activities, you need a Business Manager visa. Doing management activities while receiving compensation under a short-term stay visa is a violation of the Immigration Control Act for non-qualifying activities (Immigration Control Act Article 19 1-2).

At Immigration Bureaus located in Narita Airport and other Japanese airports which receive many foreigners a day, if there is any doubt about their reasons for entering Japan, they may be called to a private room and undergo individual review. There is the possibility that they will be denied entry into the country and promptly made to return to their country.

If by any chance you were denied entry, that information surrounding such decision will be kept as a record. Even if you apply for a resident status after refusal of entry, the record will be taken into account. So foreigners who continue to operate in Japan need to promptly acquire a Business Manager visa.