Q_iconI want to set up a company in Japan. Can I change my current working visa to a Business Manager visa?

A_dark_iconYes, it is possible to apply for a change from the current working visa to a Business Manager visa.

★ Explanation ★

visa-applicationThere are two main methods for applying for resident status in Japan: applying for a certificate of status of residence and application for changing status of residence. Currently, if a person who has a working visa such as “Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International Services” or “Skilled Labor” establishes a new company and is engaged in business management, they are required to apply for a status change permit to a “Business Manager” visa after the establishment of the company.

In most cases, you will leave the company that you have worked for and then set up your own company or prepare your business, so there will be a period when you are not working under your current work visa. Accordingly, you will have to apply for the change in resident status promptly.