1. What is the “Dependent” status?


The “Dependent” status of residence is granted to the spouse or child of a foreign national who is planning on staying in Japan for a medium to long term period and already processes a status of residence such as “Student” or any other variant of a labor visa.

Most of the residence statuses in Japan have only four different periods of stay: 5 years, 3 years, 1 year, and 3 months, while the “Dependent” residence status has 11 different periods of stay.

2. Regarding Permission to Work

Working is not permitted under a “Dependent” residence status. However, part-time work is allowed for up to 28 hours per week, provided that you have the permission to engage in activities other than those permitted under the status of residence previously granted.

3. Forfeiture of Status of Residence

The “Dependent” residence status is granted based on the status of residence of the dependent. Therefore, even if a foreigner with a “Dependent” residence status still has a remaining period of stay, the said residence status will become invalid if the dependent’s period of stay expires, or in the event of a divorce.