The “Spouse or Child of Japanese National” is a status of residence granted to foreign nationals who are the spouse, biological child, or adopted child of a Japanese national.

This particular visa holder will be able to stay for a period of 5 years, 3 years, 1 year, or 6 months.

Application Procedure

Since a marriage certificate is required for the application, you will not be able to apply during the pre-marital period. If your spouse is already living in Japan with some form of status of residence, and you wish to change your status of residence to “Spouse or Child of Japanese National”, you will need to apply for a “change of status of residence”.


“Spouse or Child of Japanese National” is a status of residence that allows you to work. Since there are no restrictions on working, you will be able to do simple labor and part-time work which is not permitted with working visas such as “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities, and International Services.”

Filing for Notification in the Event of Divorce or Bereavement

In the event of a divorce or bereavement from a Japanese spouse, notification must be made to the local immigration office within 14 days.

Filing for Notification regarding spouse:

If you wish to continue to reside in Japan after a divorce or death of your Japanese spouse, you must change your status of residence to an appropriate one. You should first submit the notification within 14 days, and then prepare for the application for change of status.